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While the cryptocurrency market is gradually reclaiming the market capitalization it lost in May, the NFT ecosystem is in full bloom. New projects and platforms are flooding the world of NFTs, bringing fans and collectors a wider ensemble of epic collectibles. In this NFT roundup, we take a look at what’s new for the NFT community.

Hoard Exchange NFT Marketplace to Help Users Loan and Stake NFTs

Hoard Exchange, one of the largest digital goods marketplaces, has launched its NFT marketplace on Ethereum mainnet. The platform allows users to trade, rent, lend, and borrow in-game consumables, digital art, domain names, and various NFTs.

The platform, committed to offering its users true ownership of virtual items, seems poised to take a significant stake in the NFT industry. Any user who holds NFTs and stablecoins can generate extra income through the platform through the lending and borrowing options.

Enjin & Health Hero Team Up for NFT-Based Wellness App

NFT Roundup: Hoard Exchange’s New Marketplace, Enjin’s NFT-Powered Wellness App, Meme.com, and Much More

Full-stack blockchain firm, Enjin, has partnered with Health Hero, a digital health platform focused on user engagement, to build an innovative NFT-based wellness app called Go! By Health Hero. In addition to health monitoring and engagement, the app will also allow users to create unique Well-Being NFTs (W-NFTs) based on their health and activity.

The Go! App is designed to gather user activity and wellness data via integration with other health tracking devices, such as Fitbit, Apple Health, and Google Fit. All such W-NFTs can be exchanged and traded for Enjin coins ($ENJ) on the Enjin marketplace.

Meme.com to Launch Marketplace Pairing Memes and NFTs

Meme.com, a renowned social media platform for meme trend exploration, has raised $5 million following the successful closure of the Outlier Ventures acceleration program. With the rise of meme coins like Dogecoin and the popularity of meme NFTs, the platform aims to expand its offerings to bring meme coins and meme NFT trading…

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