Here’s Where to Spend Crypto Online This Black Friday

Black Friday is an unofficial “shopping holiday” that traditionally takes place the day after Thanksgiving Day in the United States. While the tradition originated in the U.S., it has since spread to all corners of the Earth and always takes place on the fourth Friday of November.

The event involves retailers across the country slashing prices on a variety of goods in a bid to kickstart the Christmas shopping season. Due to the multitude of discounts on offer, the day has become the busiest shopping day in the United States, with many stores opening at midnight and facing hordes of shoppers. 

The term is believed to have originated in Philadelphia to describe the heavy road traffic experienced on the day but has since been co-opted to mean the day when retailers turn a profit and go from being “in the red” to “in the black.”

Crypto and Black Friday

Over the past few years, the tradition of Black Friday has found its way into the cryptocurrency industry, with several retailers and blockchain businesses putting on special discounts and accepting crypto payments.

One of the earliest crypto-related Black Friday events was Bitcoin Black Friday, which ran six successful events over seven years before recently coming to an end. Event organizer Jon Holmquist feels he has completed his “mission” with the event, but is open to someone else taking it over. However, many other crypto-related Black Friday events and specials continue as usual.

Major crypto hardware wallet suppliers Trezor and Ledger have historically held annual Black Friday specials, with the Ledger Nano S selling for half price last year. Several cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms have also run sales, with Coinigy offering a 75% discount on its annual package, Tradingview giving 60% off on its premium package, and CoinCorner offering £20 worth of Bitcoin to new customers.

Black Friday 2019

This year’s Black Friday event sees leading crypto exchange Binance doubling its referral…

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