Here’s the Key Level Bitcoin May Tap Before Rocketing Higher

Bitcoin has seen some mixed price action over the past few days, but it had primarily favored the cryptocurrency’s buyers.

While the resistance in the lower-$24,000 region has proven to be a major hurdle for the crypto, each decline sparked by rejections at this level has proven to be short-lived and followed by serious upside.

This pattern of setting higher lows does indicate that bulls are still in full control of the crypto’s price action.

It is important to note that BTC’s strength has come as the entire altcoin market flashes signs of weakness. This could indicate that where it trends in the mid-term will depend largely on whether there will be any capital rotation event from BTC to smaller altcoins.

There’s a strong possibility that BTC dominance will stretch further before this occurs.

One trader is now looking towards the benchmark crypto seeing some near-term downside before it can rally any higher.

He notes that it may first need to clear its range lows and consolidate before making a sustained push higher.

This would mean that a decline towards the lower $23,000 region is imminent.

Bitcoin Shows Signs of Strength as Altcoins Plunge

Altcoins have been tanking throughout the past days, which comes as investors go risk-off following the dire SEC news that has sent XRP’s price tanking into oblivion.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin is still strong, trading down only marginally at its current price of $23,500. BTC’s strength in the face of altcoin weakness does point to a trend of its growing dominance over the aggregated market.

If this trend persists, BTC’s uptrend may continue contributing to altcoins’ weakness and potentially spark capitulation.

Analyst: BTC Likely to Clear Range Lows Before Uptrend Begins 

Despite Bitcoin’s stability around its current price levels, one analyst is noting that there’s a strong possibility that it clears its range lows before seeing any further upside.

This could mean that it will…

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