Here’s how much Izzy paid to move $19.1 worth of Bitcoin

Something cryptocurrency supporters don’t admit to enough — mostly to their own detriment — is just how user unfriendly most of their services are.

This is a major error. It’s this issue, along with price volatility, users’ exposure to scams and the system’s affiliation with the black market, that is really holding back mass adoption.

It becomes all the more apparent when you compare the usability of the average crypto service to mainstream alternatives like Venmo and PayPal (or even, for that matter, the good old NatWest app).

The technically minded will argue that us, the technically ignorant, are wrong about this. These services are actually intuitive and easy to use. Which, ironically, highlights the lack of self awareness.

A case in point was the recent propagation of a story about how Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, only paid $124.60 in network fees to move $1.26bn of value.

This is great for Binance, but it doesn’t change the fact that money isn’t money unless it’s cheap to move it on a micro-transaction basis. And it’s on that side of things that everything remains conflicting.

On one hand, bitcoin data aggregators were showing that transaction fees were increasing — no doubt connected to the recent rally in bitcoin prices.

On the other hand, many of my most technically minded sources were telling me that these data points were misleading. Any transaction would get done for almost no fee and little-to-no wait time, it was just a question of manually overriding the default “recommended” fees set up on most wallet services.

But who really has the time and inclination to closely monitor fee transaction settings every time they use a service? Or, for that matter, to perpetually figure out if a nominal fee in satoshi terms is more cost effective than using a preset percentage fee?

On that basis, I decided to test things out by attempting to transfer my measely $19 of bitcoin (owned solely for journalistic testing purposes) from one wallet to another…

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