Help a programmer understand Blockchain? : btc


I’ve been programming for a while. I hosted my first web server with PHP/MySQL back when I was like 13, mostly for fun, and learning how ports/game servers and other things worked at the time.

Needless to say I’ve been pretty fast/efficient at actual jobs because of that.

But I’ve never bought into crypto technology or blockchain. I need help understanding that this is not just some hyped up terminology.

If you are a programmer since the beginning you might follow me here, otherwise I can try to explain it differently: Blockchain is basically like an online C style linked-list, each node is encrypted, and every transaction can be stored all in a file for example. Otherwise, an explaination is here:

So other people all sync up on this file/blockchain (usually it’s not just loaded right into RAM, especially if it grows to be huge). But, it’s the same as if they are downloading an encrypted copy of a table full of transaction data on a traditional data server (or other data for whichever blockchain), then have access to certain parts of it while data is stored on their computer.

So, I know for a fact it can be done in MySQL/SQLLite/SQL or any variant of SQL, off a traditional server that you can pay extra for speed/reliability for. You can still store the data and encrypt each transaction, then give each person like a key for each of their blocks, and just set it up so that it’s super secure, with hash keys matching up to data, (even though that might not be so necessary).

In continuation, it would be centralized on a server, but when decentralized, it wastes file size on every computer it’s copied to + serves absolutely no purpose. Server overhead would be minimal because people still have to store their ‘hash’ or ‘keys’ anyway. It’s seems to only be some hype. I see all these websites like: blockchain, hosting blockchain ‘networks’ now (??), and blockchain as a technology, but as far as I know it’s just some hyped…

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