Heal Thyself with Leela Quantum Tech’s ‘Plan B’ Bitcoin Edition Quantum T-Shirt

Leela Quantum Tech (LQT), a company working on improving the health and wellness of the population by using advanced technologies to create easy-to-use products has launched a special Bitcoin edition of the world’s first Quantum T-Shirt. Aptly called the Plan B edition, this piece of clothing comes with the slogan “It’s Time for PLAN ₿” in bold as a tribute to the flagship cryptocurrency that has permanently changed the global financial landscape and its strong community of supporters.

Now What the Heck is a Quantum T-Shirt?

For the uninitiated, it is a regular-looking t-shirt created using a special material that enables it to act as an armor against the possible harmful effects of various types of electromagnetic radiations to which the body is constantly exposed. In addition, the T-Shirt is charged with positive quantum energy which can literally boost one’s energy level and support the immune system and general well-being.

In today’s world, we are surrounded by electronic equipment ranging from mobile phones, computers, connected devices to microwaves ovens, televisions, and so on, each of them emitting radiation in different frequencies. As a result, we continue to live inside a continuous, interwoven mesh of electromagnetic fields (EMF) which over time impacts our health and well-being. The material used in quantum clothing not only disrupts the EMF to minimize its harmful effects on the body, but it also provides the whole body with supportive quantum energy, which can also be referred to as life force energy or zero-point energy.

Leela Quantum Tech Makes the First Move

LQT’s Quantum T-Shirt is the first of its kind in the market. It uses 99.9% silver fabrics to shield users from EMF. The use of silver particles in the fabric also imparts the t-shirt with anti-bacteria and antiviral properties for added protection against disease-causing pathogens to a great extent. According to the company, all of these…

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