Has Zilliqa Built a Better Ethereum Yet?

Zilliqa’s future has, for better or worse, always been defined by Ethereum’s trajectory. In many ways, though, Zilliqa has found ways to quickly resolve the growing pains of the number two blockchain network.

Key Takeaways

  • Zilliqa has made a strategy of following Ethereum and adding improvements like scalability.
  • Since CryptoKitties, the Zilliqa team has been working to right DeFi’s uncertain future.
  • Unfortunately, the ZIL token hasn’t enjoyed the same value as it’s counterpart, ETH.

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Zilliqa, a smart contracts platform, has been following Ethereum’s missteps every since CryptoKitties brought the number two network to a halt in 2017. Now, with DeFi’s future in question, can Zilliqa pick up the slack?

Zilliqa Scales Ethereum

More than three years ago, various blockchain networks ran into scalability bottlenecks. This meant that confirming transactions took much longer and became much more expensive. 

Etheruem was not excluded from these discussions either. Part of the network’s attraction is its flexibility. 

Where Bitcoin could only transfer digital value, developers could build whole games on Ethereum. Notable winners from this experimentation have been CryptoKitties and Ethermon, a Pokémon-like game. 

Both games used blockchain technology to bring scarcity to each digital world. Each CryptoKitty or Ethermon that a user held could be verified as exclusive and irreproducible. Unfortunately, managing complex gameplay, such as battles and quests, became too taxing for the network.

This limitation was less an issue for CryptoKitties as it was simple back and forth transactions between collectors that dominated the blockchain. Ethermon’s troubles, however, became so cumbersome that the developers moved gameplay onto a temporary, centralized server. The collectible creatures continued to be stored on Ethereum, however.

Shortly after this move, the team then announced that they would be working with the then-unreleased Zilliqa blockchain. They…

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