Hands on with MSI’s new gaming laptops

Computex gave us the opportunity to get hands on with two of MSI’s new gaming laptops: the all-rounder GE65 Raider which offers plenty of portable power and the beastly GT76 Titan which eschews portability in favour of even more power. Their predecessors have been particular favourites of ours in recent years so we were looking forward to seeing what the latest iterations brought with them.

MSI 15.6-inch GE65 Raider

The Raider offers up good build quality thanks to a largely-aluminium chassis which makes it more feel more sturdy when compared to other MSI ultraportable gaming laptops. The lid is solid and flexes little and the previously-garish red-and-black design ethos has been toned down.

The RGB SteelSeries keyboard is well-laid out and, thankfully, stretches across the entire chassis (there’s no dead space at the sides) which means there’s room for a full number pad and full-size arrow keys. The trackpad shows no issues.

MSI GE65 Raider

The insides housed a 9th-gen 2.6GHz Intel Core i7-9750H CPU and a huge 32GB RAM although it can also be configured with a top-end Core i9 9880H and 64GB RAM. There’s space for two, speedy M.2 NVMe drives plus a 2.5-inch hard drive so storage can range into the terabytes. To top it off, graphics goes up to Nvidia’s RTX 2070 so there’s plenty of gaming power. However, this all needs plenty of cooling. While we couldn’t run punishing tests to max out all components, we’d be surprised if some throttling didn’t occur. That said, MSI has traditionally offered some of the best cooling systems that we’ve seen in any powerful laptops.

Another potentially-useful touch is the 802.11ax (aka Wi-Fi 6) card. While we’re some way from mass adoption of this standard, our initial tests show that it certainly does offer better speeds at better ranges even when on networks crowded with older, slower devices.

The top-end models use 240Hz IPS panels which look good and offer ridonculous levels of…

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