Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis Is Ready to Deliver Fifty-Eight Hours Of Freedom Content – Bitcoin Magazine

To crypto anarchists, Bitcoin is seen as one of the most important tools to help promote self sovereignty and liberation. Yes, there’s fantastic technology involved and “number go up” is fantastic, but the freedom that Bitcoin gives HODLers is the primary benefit.

This weekend, the seventh annual Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis will be convening in Prague, along with a massive, 58-hour long live stream. We sent over a few questions to the conference’s team to help make the case for why this conference is important to Bitcoiners.

Responding to our questions was a team from the event including:

  • Pavol Luptak, co-founder of Paralelní Polis, certified IT-professional and white-hat hacker
  • Max Hillebrand, co-organizer of HCPP TV and the Sovereign Individual Workshops, contributor of many open-source projects, including Wasabi
  • Alena Vranova, curator of Sovereign Individual Workshops, co-founder of Satoshi Labs (which runs Trezor) and co-author of “The Little Bitcoin Book”

Flip: What’s the mission of this conference and who should be attending?

Luptak: The annual Hackers Congress (HCPP) will take place on October 2 to 4 in the stunning venue of Paralelní Polis, Prague. Traditionally, it gathers freedom activists, technology geeks, artists and scientists. Every HCPP has a current topic — a provocative idea behind it. Continuing the trend of previous congresses in the series, which explored diverse topics such as the binding constraints of global political and economic systems, the manifesto of the 7th Hackers Congress (HCPP20) highlights “Digital Totality” as its main narrative and a current threat to humanity.

The event will focus on safeguarding privacy when drones, cameras, databases and hostile AI are more prevalent than ever before. This year’s event will focus on practical skills, with the overall goal of teaching participants to be more secure and private online. All ticket holders will benefit from rare networking opportunities with famous…

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