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On Tuesday, the company that owns the brand of male grooming products, Axe, announced the launch of a dogecoin-themed and “crypto scented” body spray. The release was limited and currently, the body spray featuring the image of the cartoon Shiba Inu is no longer available to U.S. residents.

‘Much Disappointment’ — Doge-Themed Body Spray Is No Longer Available

Around 1,000 lucky Americans entered a giveaway of a limited edition dogecoin-themed body spray called “The Dogecan.” The body spray was released by the brand of male grooming products, Axe, a subsidiary of the firm Unilever. Axe scents are created for young male consumers and the Dogecan product allegedly contains a “crypto scent,” which lasts up to 48 hours.

The Dogecan product was released to U.S. residents only, as Axe is branded “Lynx” in China, New Zealand, Ireland, Malta, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The official Axe Twitter account teased the dogecoin-themed body spray last week and on Monday dropped the official product. “Just gonna drop this drop here,” the official Axe Twitter account said. Following the tweet, the website’s campaign page now shows the dogecoin body spray products are all gone.

The page also saw a significant amount of traffic as one individual noted on Twitter, saying that the “Doge army is so strong that their website is down.” Axe’s website tells visitors that the product is all gone in a humorous manner. “Much disappointment,” the Axe Dogecan promotional campaign says. “Sorry, people. All the Dogecans are gone. But we’re still going to the moon.”

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Axe is not the only brand that has jumped on the dogecoin (DOGE) hype train….

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