Grayscale & TIME Magazine Partner Up to Launch Crypto Education Series

A partnership between TIME Magazine and Grayscale that will result in the release of a new video series exploring the cryptocurrency space was announced via Twitter by Grayscale’s CEO, Michael Sonnenshein.

Like Tesla, Time Magazine will be holding the BTC received as a payment for the production of the series on their balance sheet instead of exchanging it immediately for fiat currency, a move that sparked criticisms among crypto enthusiasts when done by some personalities in the past.

The decision to be paid in Bitcoin and to hold it comes weeks after the launch of a special collection of digital covers in the form of NFTs, which Time Magazine auctioned to raise over $440k.

Not only was the main piece of this NFT collection “Is Fiat Dead?”, but the company also started looking for a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) who was comfortable with cryptocurrency, which shows an increasing interest in Bitcoin and digital assets by one of the biggest publications in the world.

The job listing read “The media industry is undergoing a rapid evolution. TIME is seeking a Chief Financial Officer who can help guide its transformation”, a statement that reflects the reality of several industries that have started actively investing in cryptocurrencies over the past years.

MicroStrategy Will Pay Board of Directors’ Bonuses in BTC

As cryptocurrency adoption continues to grow among companies, MicroStrategy has announced that it won’t be using dollars to pay bonuses to its board of directors.

The announcement was made via the company’s official website in which the 8-k form filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was shared with…

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