Grayscale Study Finds That Women Investors Are Interested in Bitcoin Almost As Much As Men – Crypto.IQ

There is a common perception that the crypto space is dominated by males, but a new study from Grayscale finds that 43% of investors who are interested in Bitcoin (BTC) are women.

The study is derived from an online survey of 1,100 investors in the United States with at least $10,000 of investable assets and $50,000 of household income. The highlights of the study were that men and women have similar perceptions about Bitcoin, women have a different investing strategy than men but like many qualities of Bitcoin, and women are less familiar with Bitcoin but more likely to invest if educated about it.

Specifically, 76% of women are not familiar with Bitcoin, versus 52% of men, but 93% of women indicated they would consider a Bitcoin investment if they had more educational resources. Therefore, perhaps the crypto space should focus on producing more educational materials about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain, since that could increase adoption.

More women than men were interested in Bitcoin’s growth potential and liked that they could access their Bitcoin investment at any time. Further, women were less optimistic about the economy, and less favorable towards gold, making it clear that they would perhaps favor cryptocurrency.

Women also felt a stronger sense of urgency to invest in Bitcoin now rather than wait, and also favored Bitcoin’s potential to increase in price, the liquidity of a Bitcoin investment, and the ability to invest in small amounts.

That being said, women were more concerned than men about Bitcoin’s  lack of regulation, association with criminal activity, the possibility that Bitcoin is a fad, the newness of the technology, and excessive levels of risk. However, education has the potential to clear up these misperceptions.

Thus, this Grayscale study is proof that Bitcoin is not an all men’s club, and women have the potential to comprise a significant fraction of cryptocurrency investors in the future.

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