Gov’t urged to invest in health impact assessment

The limited use of HIA was attributed to 2 major reasons; lack of a regulatory/policy framework which highlights HIA as has been done for the Environmental Impact Assessment as well as limited capacity in-country to undertake HIA.

Consequently, the absence of a coherent and systematic health impact assessment in the country has resulted in the exploitation of the natural resource.

This, has, in turn, made residents vulnerable to various health conditions arising as a result of the resource extraction projects. These health conditions include tuberculosis and HIV. The impact on health, according to the researchers extend beyond disease but also affects health service provision as well as determinants of health such as access to potable water.

Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and Former Vice Chancellor of the University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho, Volta Region, Prof. Fred Newton Binka expressed worry about the manner the derivatives have been exploited in Ghana and other African countries and called on the government to invest in health impact assessment to derive much from the industry.

“Government must make an investment, yes we must extract the derivatives, but we must do it properly. We just can’t be doing it like how we farm; cut and slash, no, technology is there now, and…

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