Government Backed Tribe Blockchain Accelerator to Boost Bitcoin Smart Contract Platform RSK in Singapore

The program will connect Singapore’s government agencies and corporations with RSK and RIF technologies to increase global blockchain awareness and adoption

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / November 14, 2019 / Today, IOV Labs, the blockchain technology organization that developed the first Bitcoin-backed smart contract platform RSK and its P2P solutions layer protocol RIF OS, announced a partnership with Tribe, Singapore’s first government-backed blockchain accelerator.

The partnership will make RSK’s second-layer protocol and its third-layer services marketplace, RIF, available to Singapore’s government agencies, corporations, and late-stage startups looking to explore the integration of blockchain technologies into their programs, products, and services.

Ruben Altman, IOV Labs’ Head of Adoption, commented: “Our partnership with Tribe Accelerator will open the door to an important market for us. After the production-ready launch in early 2018 we decided to take a step forward our global expansion and partner up with strategic local players in key ecosystems. We’re more adoption-oriented than ever and look forward to the Internet of Value realization.”

Tribe Accelerator Managing Partner, Yi Ming Ng commented, “IOV Labs is an innovator in the blockchain industry, with exciting and proven solutions that solve real business problems. We’re excited to have them participate in our Tribe ecosystem, as we continue to connect businesses with relevant solutions to our industry partners.”

RSK introduced the first smart contract platform to use the Bitcoin network. Even before its main net launch in January 2018, RSK consistently garnered attention for offering a second layer protocol that leverages the security and reputation of the Bitcoin network and the functionality of smart contracts. IOV Labs recently opened a RSK Adoption Hub in Singapore, where they are focusing on developing open, secure, and easy-to-use blockchain technology services and continue building partnerships.


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