Google Stadia Review Roundup – Impressive Tech Woefully Undercooked

  • Reviews for the Google Stadia are here ahead of tomorrow’s release.
  • The consensus is one of excellent technology let down by a lack of features, games, and functionality.
  • There’s a risk that Google may axe Stadia before it’s had a chance to find its feet.

Google Stadia is a curiosity that is as alluring as it is eyebrow-raising. From shipping woes to the last-minute addition of launch titles by way of some pretty bold ‘negative latency’ claims, it remains wholly unproven and one that feels shy of the basic requirements of a successful launch.

In anticipation of tomorrow’s grand release (that is if you’re lucky enough to receive your Founder’s kit tomorrow morning), the first reviews have hit. Somewhat unsurprisingly, not everyone is impressed. The media is trashing Stadia across the board. And, this not so much for the technology itself but for the lack of a service backing it up, whether that means games or functionality.

In other words, the Stadia is underwhelming and, well, boring.

Google Stadia feels woefully undercooked, which doesn’t bode well for its long-term future in light of Google’s notorious habit of axing projects before they are truly allowed to get off the ground.

To give you a sense of where we are going with this, here are the takes of a few select outlets who’ve had the chance to sample Stadia ahead of release.

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Google Stadia Review Round-Up

US Gamer

Google Stadia is simply not ready for launch. There’s the kernel of a good idea here, a good concept for a service, but what Google is launching with simply isn’t up to snuff. It’s messy, it’s missing features, and the Stadia experience across platforms simply isn’t uniform enough to justify this full release.

Vice Waypoint

But there is a reason it’s felt like Google has deliberately avoided a splashy launch for a service that otherwise seems positioned as a huge part of the company’s future: this is an early access debut for Stadia. For most…

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