Google Reveals Key Details of its 4K 60fps Gaming Challenger Stadia

By CCN MarketsGoogle Stadia will be the first open challenger to dominant Sony or Microsoft in years. Nintendo has always continued in the fringes, ever since its highs in the era of $70 Nintendo 64 games, while Microsoft and Sony have unwittingly built the modern gaming world’s online architecture.

The race for the console is on

Both have online services. For Microsoft, this alone is a core source of revenue; everyone who plays online pays a small monthly fee. PlayStation Network is different; Sony doesn’t charge merely for access. They recently announced that they’re partnering with Microsoft to extend services for a streaming platform in an upcoming release.

Google Stadia cuts straight through to that, charging $9.99 per month. To get involved at launch time in late 2019, you’ll have to buy a limited edition set of hardware for $129.99. The equipment includes everything you’ll need to run the games.

You’ll also have to pay for the monthly service. In return, you’ll get Google’s fastest possible speeds, and you’ll also get priority in selecting your “Stadia Name.”

Effectively, there will be three major game consoles in the coming months. The only major online company left to launch one would be Amazon, who have their Kindle line of devices to fall back on.

Google has the benefit of an already massive developer community who may be interested in releasing games on the platform, which will enable people to stream the games in real time. This is the way all gaming is going, and Xbox 2 may well have a significant amount of streaming built into it.

A Third Horse Enters The Race

In reality, anyone with a large user base can try to launch a game console. If they leverage their existing user base in the right way, they may or may not succeed. Microsoft has carved its path using the Xbox line of products. Sony has done the same.

The biggest games are developed for both. Google may create a future where all games conform to some standard,…

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