Google Cloud Does Not Intend to Take EOS Rewards as a Block Producer

Google Cloud is not getting into EOS for the tokens.

“Google Cloud is not getting into crypto mining. This is really an infrastructure play for us,” Google Cloud Developer Advocate Allen Day told CoinDesk via a spokesperson.

On Tuesday,, the company that made the EOSIO software that runs the EOS blockchain, announced that Google Cloud had begun preparations to list itself as a candidate to serve as a block producer – one of the 21 nodes chosen by the EOS community to serve effectively the same role as miners on Bitcoin or Ethereum. EOS, however, allows for much faster transactions than either of the two largest blockchains but has been dogged by governance issues.

In Tuesday’s release, Day confirmed Google Cloud’s intention to declare its candidacy, adding, “We are committed to ensuring that the information on public blockchains are securely stored, reliably available and can be accessed in meaningful ways.”

In an email to CoinDesk, Day said the partnership comes in the same spirit as the company’s February announcement of a partnership with Hedera Hashgraph. Google Cloud also recently became a network validator for Theta Labs, a video content relayer.

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When asked if the startup that ran a $4 billion initial coin offering had paid the cloud giant for expressing interest in validating the EOS blockchain, declined to comment further, redirecting CoinDesk to Tuesday’s announcement.

As for Google, Day said, “We’re broadly interested in open-source protocols and distributed ledger technologies, which is why we’re joining the EOS community,” adding:

“There isn’t a revenue model for Google Cloud in connection with participating in open-source protocols. Of course, various protocols provide rewards to incentivize node operators to secure network services, but we don’t intend to claim those rewards at this time.”

Day explained that as more companies…

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