God of War 2 or PUBG? Ranking Gaming’s Most Hilarious April Fools’ Jokes

  • Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, portions of the gaming community are partaking in this year’s April Fools’ shenanigans.
  • We’ve compiled some of our favorite jokes from the likes of PUBG Corp, Platinum Games, and Sports Interactive.
  • As PUBG Corp puts it, we hope they provide “a little bit of lighthearted fun” during these trying times.

The current climate means April Fools’ doesn’t quite have the same shine as it usually does. With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the globe, partaking in the perennial day of jest could be considered distasteful and ill-timed.

Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped developers, the press, and even the general public from having a go at trolling gamers. In these uncertain times, a dose of humor can provide some much-needed solace – if only as a distraction from trawling through the latest coronavirus news.

In that spirit, we’ve compiled some of the gaming industry’s most hilarious April Fools’ jokes.

1. God of War Part II

Source: Twitter

Surfacing on Twitter, this one parades as an “official” tweet from Santa Monica Studio announcing PlayStation 5 exclusive God of War Part II. There’s artwork to match, and it even advertises a fake live stream ostensibly featuring a reveal trailer and interview with God of War’s director, Cory Barlog.

2. PUBG – Fantasy Battle Royale

This has all the hallmarks of an April Fools’ joke. The most hilarious part is that it’s actually real.

Yes, that’s right. PUBG is introducing a week-long Fantasy Battle Royale event mode. Character classes, thematically-appropriate vehicles, weapons, crafting materials, and more – PUBG Corp has gone all out.

As PUBG points out, it hopes to provide “a little bit of lighthearted fun during this necessary isolation.”

3. Platinum Games Announces Neo-Classic Arcade

Here we have another developer having a go at injecting a bit of humor into these trying times. Platinum Games cooked up a spoof trailer for a rather odd…

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