GoCoin Blockchain Payments Plugin Now Supports EOS and Ethereum Cryptocurrencies

GoCoin, the cryptocurrency a payment getaway that conveniently allows online store owners to accept crypto payments, is yet again giving its users a reason to keep believing in it. This premier Blockchain payments outlet now supports EOS and Ethereum cryptocurrencies.

The move, aimed at expanding the portfolio of coins it currently supports, firmly solidifies GoCoin’s global dominance in crypto “next commerce” merchant payment processing services. It also means that all the international e-commerce merchants whose platforms of choice are WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify and any of the popular ones can now use this service. Ethereum and EOS are already available for the e-commerce platforms and installation is a breeze – it only needs the pre-developed and tested plugins.

Supported EOS And ETH Because Of Their Unique Core Features

GoCoin supporting the two, especially Ethereum was just a matter of “when,” according to the platform’s CEO, Margot Ritcher who attributes their decision to the core features of the two. She says that the two cryptocurrencies exhibit proper decentralization, flexibility, and scalability that developers in the crypto world crave for.

As it stands, the list of cryptocurrencies supported by this popular online merchant payment processing services platform is six. It has BTC, BCH, DASH, LTC as well as the two it recently accepted.

GoCoin Upgraded The System As Well

GoCoin has been carrying out several upgrades over the recent past; all meant to enhance merchant experience on the platform. Some of these developments have seen the establishment of a dedicated merchant dashboard as well as a support ticketing system. Right now, one can enjoy the glamor of using:

  • A new, sleek and minimalistic UI.
  • Enhanced super-intuitive search functionality that allows one to filter search results while tracking the invoice.
  • The revenue graph which allows easy visual tracking of how funds move as well as the user’s records of monthly…

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