Give an Inch and They’ll Take a Mile

Life in Australia is a far cry from what it was just three months ago.

Most of us have been forced into isolation. Human contact is now a fineable offence. And soon we’re set to have our phones tracked.

A new app known as TraceTogether is set to be made available in the near future. Giving the government an easy way to monitor who people are coming into contact with.

What this app does is scan for other devices near it. Letting it know who you have been in contact with, and ideally whether they have or haven’t been in contact with someone with the virus. That information is then shared with authorities so they can notify people if they’re at risk.

It’s smart, simple, and troubling…

This invasion of privacy is a high price to pay. But, I’m sure for many, they will gladly take it.

COVID-19 is testing us. Testing just how much liberty we’re willing to give up in the name of safety.

My concern though, is how far are we willing to go?

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Over Easter we saw 433 people fined for breaching coronavirus measures. Many probably deserved it, some definitely didn’t — but my gripe is with the precedent it sets.

We are effectively living in a quasi-police state. Or at least the early stages of it.

Whether it is necessary or not during this virus, you’ll have to decide for yourself.

But, what happens after this crisis is over?

Will we roll back all these draconian measures, or is it the beginning of a new, more controlled way of life?

The beginning of the end for cash

What I can tell you is that when it comes to money, control is already here.

You may have already heard of the Australian government’s plans to ban cash payments over $10,000. That bill first emerged last year — to much criticism might I add.

That didn’t stop it from going ahead though. In late February, just as the coronavirus was dominating headlines, the senate gave their seal of approval for the bill. Meaning…

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