Get your Free Feyorra Tokens

The crypto industry has evolved a lot in the last years, with developers searching for new ways of integrating cryptocurrencies in our daily life.

However, to make crypto investments profitable, the coins and tokens need to be accessible for as many people as possible. The more people join, the bigger the market cap – which will raise the crypto utility.

Therefore, many companies have committed to offering numerous advantages for people to join in. However, we found one company that completely stands out – WALP Entertainment, with its fresh new project Feyorra.

What is Feyorra?

Feyorra, also known as FEY, is an ERC-20 token linked to the FaucetPay ecosystem. The purpose of developing it was to offer as many people as possible the chance to join the crypto community.

Everything started with the FaucetPay project – a wallet platform with over 900 micro-website partners and over 1 million active users worldwide. Faucet Pay gained its popularity by making it possible for users to earn rewards for performing micro-tasks, like completing surveys or watching ads.

Users can also multiply their assets by playing games, such as:

  • Dice;
  • Crashes;
  • Limbo;
  • Roulette;
  • Plinko.

Although Faucet Pay had great success over the years, the team behind it found that people are still reluctant to the idea of crypto. This is mostly because they are afraid to invest a considerable amount of money in coins and tokens and risk losing it all.

Therefore, the development team found a solution to welcome more people into the crypto area – creating its own token and releasing it for free, starting with December 2020.

How does it happen?

After the token was completely developed, the team released it immediately – no ICO, no IEO.

That’s because they didn’t create it to gain immediate profit but to expand their community and make the platform more robust. The token will gain value in time once their users will start using them on partnered websites.

Owning a Feyorra token will give users access to various…

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