Gera Coin Exceeds Expectations with Multiple Exchange Listings

Gera Coin launched a few months ago with the ambitious objective of pioneering a new era of cryptocurrency payments for delivery. Since then the project has surpassed expectations time and time again, thrilling investors and its growing community.

Gera Coin is a blockchain-based payment-for-delivery application. The project aims to help users find delivery platforms to order products ranging from food, groceries, and other home essentials. The COVID-19 pandemic, subsequent lockdowns, and social distancing have turned delivery for basic supplies a norm.

As such, Gera Coin offers exciting solutions for delivery payments. Added to this is the GERA token which fuels the Gera ecosystem. The Gera team minted a maximum supply of 8.8 billion GERA in a single genesis block. However, the project will gradually release the full GERA supply as the token is listed on various exchanges.

Recently, the Gera Coin team has worked aggressively to get the GERA token listed. Their efforts have started paying off as the token has been successfully listed on several top exchanges. Some of the exchanges now supporting the GERA token include notable exchanges like Bithumb Global, BitMart, Bibox,, and VCC Exchange, among others.

In fact, the platform partnered with VinDAX to launch its initial coin offering (ICO). Since then, at least one new exchange each week has listed GERA and the token has mooned despite the prevailing volatile crypto market.

GERA reached an all-time high of $0.824895 in mid-April but subsequently slumped a month later along with the rest of the market. However, the bullish token managed to rebound faster than the rest of the market and is currently trading at $0.782479. Notably, this is only 5.2% below its all-time high.

Meanwhile, top cryptos Bitcoin and Ethereum are still struggling to rebound as they continue trading down at below 50% of their all-time high prices. Such outstanding performance by GERA clearly shows the resilience of the token and its…

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