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Blockchain Infrastructure – As an early industry-adopter and blockchain pioneer, Genesis Group has accumulated a broad, theoretical and practical knowledge in the blockchain ecosystem and has obtained deep cryptocurrency market insights: While dedicated DLT developers programme beautiful, distributed applications on the blockchain, experienced data center engineers design, construct and manage mining farms across the globe. Genesis Group offers various hosted cloud-mining services, such as cryptocurrency mining, next to in-house fundamental and quantitative blockchain research.

Artificial Intelligence – As digitalisation spreads across all industry sectors, data science and data engineering fuel the rapid growth in artificial intelligence development. AI has become a key component of our array of services and is part of our future strategy: We provide high-performance computing facilities and infrastructure for cloud computing purposes to keen customers, who want to realize their own AI end-to-end projects. Build and train learning models within different deep learning frameworks (TensorFlow, Caffe2, pytoch etc.) with us and develop your own application in fields such as automotive, financial services and utilities.

Dedicated Computation – As an digital industry pioneer, Genesis Group provides various services in dedicated server infrastructure: We offer scalable solutions for high-performance computing to complete projects that require large computational efforts faster and more efficiently. Rent our powerful GPU servers today for rendering computer generated images (CGI), training neural networks for artificial intelligence (AI) or transcoding video streams.

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