Gemini Owned Sells Rick & Morty’s Justin Roiland NFT Art

It looks like the artist behind the distinctive look of the successful TV show “The Adventures of Rick and Morty” may have a new way to reach his fans directly. Justin Roiland just sold a range of NFT-based artwork on Gemini’s platform for a little more than 1,300 ETH – or a bit over $1.5 million USD.

The artist sold a range of pieces on the platform, and this sale shows that the apparent rush into NFT art isn’t cooling down one bit. The artworks that Roiland presented were numerous, with many available in sets of 5, 10, or 20.

The most expensive piece was a one-off, entitled “The Smintons”, which sold for a little less than $300,000 USD at the time of sale (it was sold in ETH, so that amount will change as the markets churn).

The piece appears to be Roiland’s vision of the famous TV family – The Simpsons – but with a very “Roiland” take on their appearance.

Justin Roiland’s debut crypto art collection
Justin Roiland’s debut crypto art collection

Gemini is Popping up Everywhere

The twin founding creators of Gemini–Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, disclosed that they are considering the decision to take the Gemini exchange public.

There are a number of other crypto-focused companies that are working to access funding via the public markets, and added liquidity may help the companies grow faster.

In a recent interview, Cameron Winklevoss – President of Gemini, stated that they are still considering the move into public markets.

He told media,

“We are definitely considering it and making sure we have that option. We are watching the market and also having internal discussions on whether it makes sense to us at this point in time. We are certainly open to it.”

Big Support for the Industry

Tyler Winklevoss, known for being a serious crypto advocate, believes that crypto would partly relieve global inflation – which may be picking up in the near future. Central banks have taken unprecedented action over the past 15 years, with a major push to expand balance sheets happening in…

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