Gadgets, Bulls, Misconceptions and 20 Crypto Jokes

There’s never a dull moment in the Cryptoverse, and this week is flourishing with exciting announcements.

First and foremost, Bitcoin rallied back above USD 10,000, thus cementing its market dominance at c. 70% and leaving more altcoins bleeding. This led to more experts expressing their bullish views on Bitcoin , and even prominent venture capitalist Fred Wilson stated that he and his firm are “long [on] crypto.” Even a workaround for “Bitcoin-ETF” was found, and Japanese banks continued to invest in XRP-powered MoneyTapp app for smartphones.

While we compiled the full list of tokens and dapps supported by the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung revealed more details about their crypto-friendly Klaytn phones, and Huobi introduced the Acute Angle blockchain smartphone, while Apple’s move into crypto “could make sense,” according to an analyst.

In the meantime, Binance announced the launch of USD-backed stablecoin BUSD while its U.S. traders are looking for alternative trading platforms ahead of the U.S. ban. Moving forward, Chinese police untangled an elaborate crypto mining scheme, and Vitalik Buterin shared his views on the biggest misconceptions in crypto.

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Most importantly, the first week of autumn has brought us some of the ripest, sweetest crypto memes, and here are the whole twenty of them.



(Insert your favorite coin)


Meanwhile at the Incan citadel.


Nothing to see here.


Another top-notch setup.


BTC dominance.

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“This is the last time we see bitcoin below $10k.”

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