G-Wallet Ushers in New Era With Hybrid Wallet

PRESS RELEASE. G-Wallet, a decentralized crypto platform and wallet provider has revealed a series of updates on its blockchain ecosystem. The updates focus on the development of its hybrid wallets and other features offered by the blockchain platform.

G-Wallet is Building a Sustainable and Decentralized Wallet Ecosystem

G-Wallet has been developing a hybrid wallet that will offer several features including the integration of a decentralized exchange and p2p exchange platform. This initiative is part of G-Wallet quest to build an extensive platform for users to access crypto features from its wallet applications.

The decentralized exchange is expected to offer users an ideal environment to trade crypto assets without the restraints of centralization. Users will be able to exchange defi products on the G-Wallet blockchain platform.

In addition, the decentralized exchange is expected to include an atomic swap feature that will allow users to swap the platform’s native token LEVEL G for other stellar based tokens within the wallets.

G-Wallet will also integrate a dedicated tracker on its decentralized exchange as part of its defi feature. The smart tracker is built as a form of yield AI and scans the Stellar blockchain for the best token swaps and yielding offers. G-Wallet also confirmed plans to implement popular defi features like staking, borrowing and lending on its smart contract.

The p2p exchange is also a major aspect of the G-Wallet ecosystem and is built to enable direct exchange of supported assets by traders on the exchange. The exchange offers similar features seen on other P2P platforms and traders will be able to exchange supported tokens directly from the G-Wallet platform. To mitigate against fraudulent transactions, G-Wallet has integrated an inbuilt escrow system within the exchange.

The escrow holds funds during transactions and only releases funds when transactions are completed. At the moment, traders can trade

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