From Galloping Unicorns to Vanishing Blockchain: the Best from Our Experts in 2019

Scale-up nation: six trends of the Israeli tech industry in 2019. In April, venture capitalist Amit Karp took a stab at predicting which trends will rule the Israeli tech sector in the months to come, listing large funding rounds and even larger acquisitions, among other phenomena. So how did he do? Read the full list

Tel Aviv. Photo: Bloomberg Tel Aviv. Photo: Bloomberg

Your Apple Watch is watching your health. Who for? Regular contributor Dov Greenbaum researches the legal implications of emerging technologies. In March, he posed a rather disturbing question: with recreational health trackers such as the Apple Watch and Fitbit becoming more popular, where does it leave medical confidentiality, privacy, and accountable diagnoses? Read more

Apple Watch. Photo: Shutterstock Apple Watch. Photo: Shutterstock

The unicorns gallop ahead despite all warning signs. Some call it the SoftBank effect. Some say that, much like they did two decades ago, the market rules are changing. Others have offered a more accurate description of the current tech investment situation: cash flooding. As 2019 draws to a close, it appears WeWork’s failed IPO did little to hold back the easy availability of money into the tech industry. Dozens of companies passed the $1 billion valuation mark this year with no regard to traditional financial parameters, and it is the economy and the employees that may pay the final price, Sophie Shulman wrote in October. Read more

SoftBank founder and CEO Masayoshi Son. Photo: Reuters SoftBank founder and CEO Masayoshi Son. Photo: Reuters

Your valuation is too high for your own good. High valuations are not necessarily a good thing, according to legal expert Zachi Zach, who says an incredibly high valuation early on could become a double-edged sword. In his February column, he explained what startups should do when they are too successful. Read more

Zachi Zach. Photo: Elad Malka Zachi Zach. Photo: Elad Malka

E-commerce won’t kill brick and mortar shops—it will revolutionize them. Venture capitalist Aviad Ariel is…

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