From crypto currency to chocolate – where to spend your Bitcoin

I have made a few dollars in BitcoinSV since I started paying to post on blockchain-based apps like Twetch. I have been investigating whether paying to post will shape the future of the social internet. But where can you spend your hard earned Bitcoin?

With a lot of help from Twitter users @Street5Wall, $DiegoSV, and @BsvDevs I have found a few places from the hundreds of online and phisical stores around the world where I can spend my virtual crypto currency and turn it into tangible goods. Here is a selection of vendors around the world where you can spend your crypto currency.

Beauty: Adelline is a Korean cosmetics company that sells a range of beauty products products and will ship internationally.

Las Vegas, NV-based Shiny Leaf produces skin and hair care products and a range of bath and body products – BitcoinSV is accepted amongst its other payment options.

Consultancy: AGRsicurezza is a business consultant, focusing on health and safety at work, training and project management services, which accepts BitconSV payments.


Fivebucks is a global marketplace where vendors will design anything from logos, to business cards, and websites for an agreed fee. You can register your handcash wallet $ID and transfer the cash over using Bitcoin.

Fashion: North Greece-based Lord is an online fashion website that sell underwear to individuals and trade. It will accept a wide range of crypto currencies.

Finance: To invest in crypto currencies, the app Abra, enables you to buy ad sell currencies, fund your crypto currency from your credit card account, or withdraw currencies to an external wallet.

Food: Italia Click  is a international food distributor that embraces technologies such as Bitcoin and uses them to accept payments. In November it added crypto to its payment options and will accept payment in several different crypto currencies such as Bitcoin SV, Etherium, and Ripple. I can vouch for the deliciousness of the chocolate!

Crete-based 35North sells extra virgin olive oil from where the 35th parallel north crosses the mountains of Crete. Although its Twitter account states that FIAT and crypto payments are accepted, the online shop only offers the choice to pay by card or PayPal. You will need to make a special request for your crypto to be accepted via the online store.

Hot Hogs BBQ is a food truck in Keen, NH which gets enthusiastic reviews from customers and won WMUR Best Barbecue in NH 2019. It accepts Bitcoin, dash, BitcoinSV, and Bitcoin cash for your BBQ, but hold fire before hot footing it over to NH – Hot Hogs is now closed until the spring.

The Lucky Hot Dog is a food truck in Chicago, IL serving dogs, burgers, beef and chicken. Payment by Bitcoin, card or cash.

The Yarron Valley Bottleshop in Australia accepts Bitcoin amongst other payment methods for drinks. You do need to buy your alcohol in store instead of online.

From crypto currency to chocolate – where to spend your Bitcoin zdnet


Gaming: RPGStash offers MMORPG services and tradable video game items for Runescape, Fortnite, Tibia, Diablo 2 etc. It accepts Bitcoin as payment.

GamerAll offers skins, keys and services for games such as Rust, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Escape from Tarkov and others. It also sells console and game titles and has over 100 ways to pay including Bitcoin.

Healthcare: Medical device provider, Premier Medical Inc. has an enthusiastic President who supports Bitcoin payments for its medical products.

Services: UK-based Performance Ticket Printers will print customised tickets for your event or membership organisation and will accept crypto currency.

GPS Tracker Shop offers vehicle tracker and fleet tracker solutions for business, law enforcement surveillance and family safety. It accepts BitcoinSV on its online store.

Technology: HostingSSi is a provider of web hosting, domains, VPNs, Streaming and SSL Certificate focused on Venezuela and Latin America. It accepts Bitcoin, and Litecoin payments amongst others.

The Living Room of Satoshi is a crypto payments gateway in Australia that enables you to pay bills.

Travel: Lithuania-based  is an online travel site, part of the Otravo group offering online airline tickets, hotels and car rental searches. It offers cheap flights to England, Ireland, USA, Spain, Italy, France etc.

From crypto currency to chocolate – where to spend your Bitcoin zdnet


Bitcoin directories: There is a graphical map of vendors around the world who accept Bitcoin and are marked with pushpins on the OnChain BSV/Maps site and the Satoshi Maps site. If you know of any vendors who accept Bitcoin SV, you can add your own marker to the map.

The Cryptwerk website has a list of services and vendors who accept Bitcoin across a range of offerings.

Agora has a marketplace selling Bitcoin related items amongst others. ClassifiedSV is a Craiglist-like site allowing trading for goods and services using BitcoinSV.

There are many more outlets and the list is growing daily. Which is your favourite Bitcoin vendor that we should know about?

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