Friendly tools break blockchain out the box for new use cases

By now, the masses have heard of blockchain. They may understand loosely what the technology is — a distributed ledger for recording cryptocurrency transactions. Y there’s a whole crateload of other capabilities most folks haven’t heard of. The potential use cases are there, but they’ve been stifled by unwieldy tools and interfaces built for software developers, not consumers.

To bring forth new use cases and boost blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption, the enterprise needs approachable tools built for laymen, according to Nik Kalyani (pictured), co-founder of TryCrypto, which has a mission to create free, open-source content and tools to make blockchain and cryptocurrency more accessible to users.

“Mainstream users have a very challenging time with using anything blockchain or cryptocurrency related,” Kalyani said.

Anyone who’s ever examined the current selection of technologies will understand why. The ecosystem of blockchain and crypto products and tools was created by developers for developers. In other words, they tend to require a level of technical skill and know-how that “regular” people lack. There are lots of piece parts they have to fiddle with before they can do anything useful. A smooth, intuitive end-user experience is typically not to be had, according to Kalyani.

These are simply not the makings of a smash hit in the consumer tech market. “People really need to step back and look at the user experience and say, ‘What are the friction points, and how can we eliminate them?’ And that needs to happen before blockchain and cryptocurrency can have mass adoption,” Kalyani said. 

Kalyani spoke with John Furrier (@furrier), co-host of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s mobile livestreaming studio, during the DevNet Create event in Mountain View, California. They discussed Kalyani’s work to simplify blockchain tools for consumers and build out novel use cases (see the full interview with transcript here). (*…

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