French Ministry of Education Publishes Bitcoin Resource Guide for Educators

As digital currencies transform the world, concepts like Bitcoin continue to percolate into academic courses and higher education worldwide. The French Ministry of National Education’s recently published economics and social sciences resource guide for teachers discusses cryptographic money like Bitcoin.

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A Bitcoin Resource Guide for Economics and Social Sciences Teachers in France

Economics and social sciences teachers from France may opt to teach students about cryptocurrencies in the near future. The French Ministry of National Education has issued a resource guide that touches on a wide variety of economic subjects. The eight-page guide discusses Bitcoin with a pedagogical activity card that teaches the different functions of money. The “educational activity two” lessons are comprised of classifying particular examples of money functions specifically with a cryptocurrency. The purpose is for educators to give the example of Bitcoin in order to show students the relationship between traditional money systems and trust as well as other properties. The Ministry of Education also provides resources and proposed activities which include four videos hosted by Dessine-Moi l’éco.

French Ministry of Education Publishes Bitcoin-Resource Guide for Educators

The videos are called “Do you have to trust your currency?”, “Can Bitcoin replace the euro?”, “Is Bitcoin a currency like any other?” and “Is Bitcoin the currency of the future?” The teachers’ resource guide of proposed activities explains that instructors can have students list the functions of currency and show how they apply to Bitcoin. Further, students can separate the euro and cryptocurrencies from a trust point of view. Prior to the Bitcoin section, the resource guide also discusses how central banks mobilize the instruments of monetary policy. According to the Ministry of Education, central banks “create sufficient money to support…

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