Fox News Report Highlights Bitcoin Cash Proponent’s Modern Day Scavenger Hunt

The anonymous Bitcoin Cash proponent called, ‘Bitcoin Man,’ has made the news once again, this time in Fresno California. Bitcoin Man was featured on a local Fox News report on December 11 for creating a “modern-day scavenger hunt” with bitcoin cash-loaded stickers hidden throughout the state.

Back in September, reported on an anonymous individual that distributed 100 pre-loaded bitcoin cash (BCH) stickers in Bakersfield California. One of the stickers also contained a golden sticker worth $500 in BCH. The scavenger hunt stickers loaded with bitcoin cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Man’s money-hunting contest, has managed to get featured by a few media outlets. Now Bitcoin Man is at it again and this time around, he visited Fresno California to disperse a number of BCH-loaded stickers in the region.

The Fresno bitcoin cash scavenger hunt was popular and one contest participant managed to find $1,000 in bitcoin cash by finding a golden ticket. The story was also featured on one of the Central Valley’s leading news outlets KMPH Fox 26 News Fresno.

Fox News Report Highlights Bitcoin Cash Proponent's Modern Day Scavenger Hunt

The news station’s accompanying video says: “People right here in Fresno are finding free money hidden by someone who calls himself ‘Bitcoin Man.’ We’ll show you how to get in on the growing treasure hunt.” The news anchor also detailed that the anonymous man “created a modern-day scavenger hunt leaving bitcoin cash prizes for people to find in cities all over California. The clues can be found on his Instagram page and this week Bitcoin Man came to Fresno.”

Further, Fox 26 Fresno reporters spoke with some of the local winners. “The man behind all of this says he’s doing this for two reasons,” a KMPH Fox 26 street reporter said. “The first is to help people struggling due to the coronavirus. The second is to teach people more about cryptocurrency like bitcoin, using these QR codes posted all around town,” she added. Adam Fisher, one of the…

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