Four Crypto Projects to Keep Tabs on in 2020

The cryptocurrency world has more than its fair share of self-proclaimed clairvoyants. Whether it’s traders predicting great things for a digital token that’s set to launch, or a journalist touting the next groundbreaking Web3 project, future-gazing is a popular pastime.

With so many crypto projects in the offing, and so many supposed psychics pulling you in different directions, it can be tough to know who or what to believe. Even studious observers of the cryptoeconomy have difficulty reaching consensus on the next sure thing. If 2019 has been any indication, however, the following projects are likely to generate even bigger waves in 2020


Saga is a highly ambitious monetary venture which seeks to position its digital token, SGA, as a truly global currency. The UK-based company has been tirelessly working on perfecting and polishing its monetary and governance models for the past two years ahead of the ERC20 token launch on December 10. Initially backed by a basket of national currencies replicating the IMF’s SDR, the idea is that, as user trust in SGA grows, reliance upon reserves will decrease and SGA will, as it were, stand on its own two feet.

The industry experience of the Saga team certainly nourishes the perception that the project may launch into the stratosphere. Its advisory board includes Professor Jacob A. Frenkel, PhD, chairman of JPMorgan Chase International and former governor of the Bank of Israel, and Professor Myron Scholes, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences and Professor Emeritus at Stanford University. With such economic heavyweights behind it, Saga has already attracted $30m of seed funding from a collective of partners including Vertex Ventures. Watch this space.

An AI-powered blockchain that launched in 2019, Fetch allows organizations to pose questions about datasets residing on other companies’ servers; payments, meanwhile, will be made with digital tokens. In the Fetch model, Autonomous Economic Agents (AEA) are…

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