Forget about Ethereum ASIC Miner E3, GPU Mining Is Still Strong So No Need to Worry

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On April 3rd, Bitmain released the brand new Antminer E3 in overseas markets – an upgrade of Ethereum miner which is very likely to lead to losses for existing miners. The price of E3 has risen fast since it’s released. The so-called ASIC Ethereum miner failed the high expectation in terms of higher hashrate and less power consumption, and it’s performance is way worse than ASIC miners.

Why doesn’t E3 have obvious advantages? Let’s make a comparison between E3 and PandaMiner B3 Pro, which is currently the most powerful GPU integrated miner in the market. Of course you can put your own graphics card machine in the comparison too:


As Antminer E3 is an ASIC miner, it is impossible for it to weigh of 13KG. And it is very likely that it’s installed with 6 chips built-in graphics cards. It is worth noting that Antminer E3 for this batch only supports overseas shipping. According to the logistics partner UPS, the minimum shipments cost for one unit is around $150. Plus an official power supply of $105 yuan, the total unit cost will reach as high as $2405, or $13 for each MHS.

While PandaMiner B3 Pro is integrated with AMD RX470 4G graphics cards, and the market price of 8 graphics cards is around $2158. Added with power supply, motherboard, chassis and other parts, the total costs is quite transparent.

ModelRetail PricePower SupplyShipping CostTotal CostHashrateMhs Cost
Antminer E3$2150$105$150$2405180MHS$13.36/MHS
PandaMiner B3 Pro$2508$0$0$2508220MHS$11.4/MHS

By contrast, costs to get an E3 are even higher due to limited supply, and it’s not hard to imagine that miners will choose the most competitive product. Not only the cost of purchase, delivery time is also another important aspect.


The delivery for B3 only takes 7 working days. However, it is expected to make delivery in July for E3, meaning still 3 months to go. With such a long waiting period, B3 totally will win over E3 in profits. Check the current profit ratio as follows:

And what will happen in three months is clear to everyone – 3 months loss of  time and efficiency. Miners don’t want to waste their time which equals to mining profits.


Antminer E3 runs 180 MHS hashpower for ETH mining, similar to all miners running 6 graphic cards. PandaMiner B3 Pro runs 220 MHS on the other hand, and the power consumption is basically 1300W. The difference in power consumption is not significant with the same hashrate, so E3 does not have a win either in power consumption.

Scrap Value

Now let’s compare the residual value of both miners. PandaMiner B3 Pro is  a GPU integrated miner with a normal display output. The price of second-hand graphics cards in the market is still considerable. While an E3 can maintain after being obsolete as it is ASIC miners designed only for mining.

In summary, GPU mining is still strong and more adaptable to the market, and the price of Antminer E3 is not at all competitive for mining. The majority of miners can continue to stick to GPU mining. Compared with ASIC miners pegged to certain coins, GPU mining is more feasible and can stand the test of the market in the long run. Another major threat to E3 is that Ethereum is able to resist the ASIC miner through hard fork, if ti’s supported by the Ethereum community.

Altcoins mining

GPU miners support a lot of altcoins, as follows. Generally speaking, GPU miner is more flexible and can quickly switch coin types according to profitability. The current higher-yielding coins are ETH, XMR, ZEC and so on,  and miners can choose their coin types based on their preference. After all, the cryptocurrency development changes too fast. Perhaps one of the following will become a potential black horse.


PandaMiner is currently on sale, with the lowest price $2508 (including PSU and shipping cost). Delivery only takes 7 working days.

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