Flying Under the Radar of Most Crypto Investors

The last several months, I have been researching various crypto projects, joining their respective Telegram channels and interacting with different community managers. None of the crypto projects I contacted knew I was doing secret research about an article I was going to write. My goal was to try to find an overlooked and underrated project that also had friendly social media platforms. I wanted to find a project that was flying under radar of most crypto investors. My search is over and I would like to present some interesting facts about Rapids Network.

Before I begin my discussion on Rapids Network, I must tell you that after interacting with many crypto projects during my research, Rapids Network has the friendliest Twitter and Telegram channels I’ve ever seen. Matt Cimelli, Rapids Community Outreach Manager had this to say, “Rapids members are always happy and go the extra mile to help spread Rapids awareness.”

Their ranking on CoinMarketCap is 848 but don’t let this fool you. Their team is made up of specialists and professionals from a multitude of disciplines and numerous cryptocurrency projects. Each team member brings a lot of valuable knowledge and experience to the Rapids Project.

Corey Strong is the Founder and Project Manager of the Rapids Network. He brings a wealth of experience and leadership skills to the project, which other team members appreciate. Matt Cimelli and Corey live in the UK and hold events there as well.

Simply put, Rapids Network is an innovative social blockchain project. One of the mottos of Rapids Network is, “if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.”

Social Media Networks have exploded in popularity. Social Media has become the new medium of personal expression and conversation. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are also enriching our lives by altering the way we transact. Rapids aspire to make online transactions even more accessible by integrating technologies of social media with blockchain…

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