Five Reasons You Should Invest in Bitcoin in 2019

Most people you talk to about cryptocurrencies today believe there’s no more opportunity left; according to them, the ship already left the harbor, without them. There may well be an inkling of truth in that, but there are still more opportunities lying ahead. The dust hasn’t yet settled on this evolving money revolution.

Success… and Not so Successful Stories

If you are hearing about Bitcoin for the first time, simple Google “Bitcoin Success stories” and read about a man who spent $3000 in October 2010 to buy 20,000 at $0.15 each. Come 2013 and Bitcoin made headlines, and the price was $350 (2000 times more than he had spent). He sold 2000 Bitcoin at that price and later sold 2000 more when the price hit $800 to make $2.3 million. He later made many other sell-offs to eventually make $25 million from the initial investment of $3,000.  

However, every story has two sides. There are also many stories about personal Bitcoin disasters. Read the story of 32-year-old James Howell who accidentally discarded his hard drive with 7,500 Bitcoins; that would be worth $56 million today. Read about Lily Allen turned down a payment of 100,000 Bitcoins for a streaming performance gig on the game second life.   

Young Lucrative Digital Asset

Whether to invest in Bitcoin in 2019 is a hot topic; all the noise surrounding cryptocurrencies could easily cloud your judgment on whether to try this lucrative digital asset. Being such a young asset, the market is volatile, filled with stories of extreme success or a massive failure. The issue at hand, therefore, is about making an educated decision based on timing, probability and whether the investment profile fits you.  

Plunge in Now!

Bitcoin’s and other cryptocurrency fluctuations have been on the headlines recently and there are many discussions on whether investing in them is worth the ink it’s written on in 2019. Bitcoin is trading at $6104.00 USD at the time of writing amid speculation the bulls are finally here. Here,…

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