Five Questions with… Cudo Ventures CEO Matt Hawkins

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In another life? I’d be an African Grey…

Every Monday morning we fire five questions at a C-suite technology industry interviewee. Today we’re pleased to be joined by Cudo Ventures CEO Matt Hawkins.

Matt: What’s the  Biggest Challenge for your Clients?

The biggest challenge for our users is that computer hardware is a wasted asset, worse still an overhead if it’s online and maintained in a data centre. There isn’t an easy way to monetise their computing hardware.

If you’re a crypto currency miner sitting at home in Carolina or Malaysia, the chances are you are just mining for fun – the crypto winter has reduced the profitability of mining to a point where only people who have done their research thoroughly are turning a profit. Despite recent improvements in the crypto market, you’ll still need optimised hardware and good knowledge of the market to make any returns.

cudo ventures ceo
Cudo Ventures CEO Matt Hawkins

For mining farms – often based in locations like China, Canada or Iceland with thousands of GPUs at their disposal – the profitability of mining Ethereum is more dependent their ability to negotiate a better cost per kWh on their energy tariff, rather than predicting the market.

All computing hardware has the capacity for better monetisation and return on investment. Our software, Cudo Miner, helps both amateur and professional mining operations to target their resources at the most profitable crypto asset (coin) for their hardware at any given time. The crypto markets are notoriously volatile, so we help them to optimise their hardware for each mining algorithm and automatically switch that optimised capability to whatever crypto asset makes the best return. This is particularly useful for reacting to the launch of new coins, such as Grin or Ravencoin, as well as hard forks and halving events (when the block reward is changed by the…

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