‘First we save the people then the economy’, says Lula about Coronavirus

In a live on social networks, the former president Squid Inácio da Silva demanded a clarification from the current president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, regarding the crisis in the Cheers which the country is experiencing, and has demanded more effective measures than Government to control the spread of the new pandemic coronavirus throughout the territory Brazilian.

According to the ex-president, it is necessary for the government to explain the moment they intend to invest in hospitals, hiring doctors, buying beds, everything needed to control the covid-19 and the situation becomes even more aggravating.

Still, according to him, the press conference given by Bolsonaro last Friday (20) regarding the control of the new coronavirus in the country is stupid, as the government was not concerned with giving the population necessary guidance on the disease, but only make corrections to the negative image created by the nonsense said in the previous week.

Continuing, Lula also stressed that the concern should be primarily with the health of the most fragile, that it is first necessary to help the people, then talk about how to resolve the crisis, discuss ways of growing the country, creating jobs and distributing income.

“After we save the people, we discuss how to save the economy, how to make the country grow again, how to generate jobs, how to distribute income,” he said. He also asks the government to have ways to keep citizens who are not working for fear of contracting the covid-19 employees, even if they are away, that in addition, those who work on their own, without a formal contract, have a type of benefit in this. isolation period.

Finally, he concludes by praising the press that at all times provided information to Brazilian citizens and asking everyone to create preventive hygiene habits during the time of isolation to prevent the contamination of covid-19.

The number of deaths in Brazil grows and the country’s situation is worrying

The number of deaths increases even more in the country, with 15 only in the state of São Paulo, where there is a greater number of confirmed cases, and 3 in the state of Rio de Janeiro, which has had an exorbitant growth of cases in the last moments, the data for this Saturday (21) there are 66 to 109 positive for the new coronavirus, and more than 1,701 suspicious situations that are being investigated.

According to the federal government there is no possibility to ascertain where patients caught the new coronavirus, so it decreed community transmission status because there are already 1,021 more confirmed cases for covid-19. In addition, an increase in confirmed cases with the disease is expected, mainly between April and June throughout Brazil, causing decay in September, and the concern is that in April even a drastic drop in the country’s system may already occur.

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