First 3D Blockchain Football Game by Ethereum-Based Developer

Egretia, a blockchain engine and distributed ledger platform which trades the cryptocurrency EGT on Ethereum, has just announced the launch of ‘Football King’ later this month.

The platform has collaborated with Jplay, a blockchain-based e-sports social platform, to produce Football King, which is a mobile-based blockchain football game. The game will support, among others, both EGT and ETH, as it is on the Egretia platform, which in turn, is established on Ethereum.

The game will have three-dimensional effects and players, similar to the popular video game, FIFA. According to the announcement, the game will cover real-time dynamic data for more than 5000 international professional football players. The game engine, which is “leading and powerful […] will provide you with realistic and fun competitions.” 

The game tries to imitate real-life professional football, from the gameplay to the selection of players. For instance, gamers can sign players from other teams, effectively ‘poaching’ them and can sign up-and-coming players.

Interestingly, due to the global popularity of the sport, the companies will focus their promotion in East Asian markets such as Taiwan and Japan. This may also be because there is a big blockchain community in those nations, with slightly friendlier financial regulations on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

What is JPlay?

JPlay is an emerging esports social platform, which means that it provides a setting for gamers, fans, developers, broadcasters and more to be involved with gaming. It uses blockchain technology for its decentralised and unalterable nature, and aims to serve in places such as game entertainment communities and live streaming chat rooms. It leverages its own token called JPT.

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