Fidelity Digital Assets Is Hiring 10 More Blockchain and Trading Experts

Fidelity Digital Assets, the crypto-focused branch of the major asset manager, is looking to boost its team with the addition of 10 new blockchain professionals.

Posted within the last two days, the new positions include a range of leadership roles, including a vice president, director and leading software engineer, as well as non-senior positions like a blockchain software engineer, product designer, and others.

Some of those jobs, including the vice president and an engineer have been waiting to be filled since May but were reposted. However, Fidelity has apparently expanded its hiring plans since then.

The most senior position to be filled is that of a leading solution architect with a rank of vice president, who will be serving as a chief technology officer for the digital assets unit. The new VP will be responsible for the “design, architecture and delivery of a new platform, maintenance of existing platforms” and compliance with Fidelity’s cyber security and technology standards.

The successful candidate should have a “practical experience developing on public blockchain platforms such as bitcoin or ethereum, and/or experience with private blockchain platforms,” the job description says.

Another senior role is for a director of product management, who will be building new crypto-related offerings and maintain relationships with Fidelity’s partners. The candidate should have experience with institutional customers, securities trading and custody, “as well as the operational and regulatory constructs around them.”

Also sought is a product designer to define the digital assets unit’s product strategy regarding “usability, interaction design, business strategy, and user research.”

As for developers, on the list is a position for a software engineering lead familiar with DLT platforms like Corda, Hyperledger Fabric and ethereum, who will head the team of two to five engineers working on blockchain-based solutions within the…

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