FGTS: amount withdrawn until this Tuesday returns to the worker’s account

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Ends at this Tuesday (3/31) The withdrawal term up to R $ 998 in the Time Service Guarantee Fund (FGTS), allowed by the federal government since September last year. The amounts withdrawn will be returned to the initial account on Wednesday. From then on, withdrawal can only occur in specific situations, such as retirement, purchase of property, serious illnesses or if the worker is 70 years old or more.

THE Federal Savings Bank released part of the money in active accounts, that is, current jobs, or inactive, past jobs, in September last year. Altogether, the institution stimulated the economy with R $ 40 billion. The withdrawal schedule was organized according to the employee’s month of birth and can be viewed on the bank’s portal.

The maximum withdrawal amount varies according to the amount available in the account on July 24th of last year. In December 2019, the withdrawal limit increased to R $ 998. Therefore, those who have previously withdrawn up to R $ 500, may be entitled to withdraw an additional amount until this Tuesday (31).

How to withdraw

Withdrawal can be made through the same payment channels as the first step of immediate withdrawal. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Caixa guides the rescue through the FGTS application, available for tablets and smartphones on Android and iOS systems. In this case, the worker can schedule the transfer of money to any account in his name, regardless of the bank. The operation has no cost.

Withdrawals of up to R $ 998 can be made at lottery shops, if these establishments are open, and self-service terminals for those who have a Card Cidado password. Who has a Citizen Card and password can withdraw from the corresponding Caixa Aqui, if these establishments are authorized to open. Just present your identification document.


Since last Tuesday (24th), Caixa agencies have been operating at reduced hours, from 10 am to 2 pm. Service is restricted to those who cannot solve the problem through electronic channels. Doubts about amounts and the date of withdrawal can be consulted on the FGTS application, through the Caixa website or by calling the exclusive service 0800-724-2019, available 24 hours a day.

Caixa points out that immediate withdrawal does not alter the right to withdraw the entire balance from the FGTS account, if the worker is dismissed without just cause or in other cases provided for by law.

This method of withdrawal does not mean that there was an adhesion to the withdrawal anniversary, that a new option is offered to the worker as of April, as an alternative to withdrawal by termination of the employment contract. Through the withdrawal of the birthday, the worker can withdraw part of the balance of the FGTS account, annually, according to the month of anniversary.

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