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In recent times, blockchain technology has been gaining a lot of momentum across various industry verticals. Most certainly, the trend is shifting from the pilot stage to actual use cases. Nearly, 50% of the blockchain projects are driven by startups. For the ecosystem to thrive in the long run, it requires the support of all the stakeholders involved, including government, investors, innovators and entrepreneurs.

According to NASSCOM Avasant India Blockchain Report 2019, the investments through venture capital firms (VCs) or initial coin offerings (ICOs) in the blockchain ecosystem in India are at less than 0.2% out of $8.5 Mn globally. The drop in the investment collides with the uncertain policy and regulatory norms in the country.

This cautious regulatory environment in India is hindering the investment opportunities for both domestic and global investors into Indian startups. Surprisingly, several Indian-based investors are raising funds through VCs and ICOs in other jurisdictions such as Malta, Singapore, UK, Switzerland and others due to open regulatory environments.

Moreover, the uncertainties or risk around blockchain in India has made it difficult for startups to enter the radar of global investors that are specifically looking to invest in blockchain startups developing innovative products or solutions.

Graph Of The Week: Size of the blockchain technology market (2018-2023)

Global blockchain technology revenue is expected to see massive growth in the coming years. Currently, at the size of $2.2 Bn, the market is expected to touch $23.3 Bn by 2023.

Size of the blockchain technology market (2018-2023)

(Source: Statista 2019)

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