Family Offices Finally Accept the Benefits of Investing in Bitcoin

There is a lot of chatter going on about the uncertainties of cryptocurrency and how an attempt to tame the raging seas of the crypto market could spell doom for investors. As expected, in the middle of this conversation is Bitcoin (BTC), whose popularity continues to grow in the investment world.

Although Bitcoin’s volatility is well-documented, this has not stopped investors from adopting cryptocurrencies as a way of effecting a diversified investment strategy. Interestingly, the volatility narrative is somewhat losing its potency as Bitcoin slowly establishes stability.

Hence, I will use this piece to analyze the growing affinity for digital assets and how Bitcoin is fast becoming a viable investment asset class for institutional investors and family offices.

The value of Bitcoin

The origin of Bitcoin might have caused many to doubt its efficacy. In a world grounded in a centralized culture, it is understandable that people would initially fight off an anomaly that could uproot the foundations of their belief system. At one point, people did not dare to imagine a world without a stratified institution made up of banks and governments that govern the dissemination of money and information. Now that decentralization is finding its way to even the most traditional industries, it is clear that crypto is here to stay.

Nonetheless, there remains an ounce of doubt surrounding the viability of Bitcoin as an asset class. Some believe that Bitcoin emerged out of nothing. Therefore, it is impossible that the digital asset would retain its value. However, from my recent analysis of the history of money and the various theorems that established the origin of money, it is evident that Bitcoin fulfills the core requirements that other forms of money have passed.

Interestingly, one could argue that the United States dollar, gold and other precious metals have no intrinsic worth — market sentiments brought about their valuation.

Bitcoin has low correlation to traditional…

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