Facebook’s Ad Boycott Organizers Are Wasting Time Meeting Mark Zuckerberg

  • Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is planning to meet with the #StopTheHateForProfit campaign organizers.
  • Zuckerberg says he expects the boycotting advertisers to return to the platform soon.
  • The billionaire CEO wants to avoid caving to the demands of the campaign.

The #StopTheHateForProfit campaign has been urging brands to cancel their adverts on Facebook (NASDAQ:FB).

Here’s another thing the boycott organizers should do: cancel their planned meeting with CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The billionaire CEO has shown time and again to be deaf to practical proposals that could make Facebook better. The organizers will thus be wasting their time and energy. The Zuck will hear them out but won’t do jack!

Here is why the boycott organizers will come up empty when they meet Zuckerberg.

1. A history of empty promises

Facebook has a long history of controversy and scandals. Mark Zuckerberg’s trademark response has been to announce piecemeal changes. Afterward, it is business as usual.

The strategy is clear–buy time and, if necessary, announce cosmetic changes meant to appease. Zuckerberg has perfected this to an art form, and the boycott organizers should know better.

Facebook has on countless occasions promised to “do better” only to do worse | Source: Twitter

At other times, Facebook has promised change without seriously intending to take any meaningful action.

Last month, Rashad Robinson of the Color of Change civil rights organization revealed that he had engaged Facebook in discussions countless times without making any real progress. The civil rights organization is part of the #StopTheHate4Profit campaign.

2. Facebook expects the boycott to be temporary

There’s no need to make concessions when you are on the winning side. At this point, Mark Zuckerberg expects to prevail.

Recently, the Facebook CEO told employees that he expects the boycotters to return to the platform soon.

Facebook’s billionaire CEO doesn’t think advertisers…

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