Facebook Insiders are Donating Massively to Dems. Is the Zuck-Trump Bromance to Blame?

  • Mayor Pete is all the rage over at Facebook.
  • Insiders gave Elizabeth Warren thousands of dollars despite plans to break up Big Tech.
  • Among political ad buyers, Donald Trump is a client Facebook needs to keep close.

A warm relationship seems to be brewing between President Donald Trump and the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. After holding a formal meeting in the Oval Office in September, the two took it to the next level and had dinner in October, as NBC reported.

Not everyone seems to be for this budding bromance, though, especially over at Menlo Park. If the amounts Facebook insiders have donated to the various 2020 U.S. presidential candidates are anything to go by, they would much prefer if Zuckerberg were seeing someone else.

Dems outraise Donald Trump

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Trump is nearly at the bottom as a recipient of Facebook insider’s political donations. For the 2020 cycle, Trump had received $2,850 as of Oct. 16. This was an even lower amount than what the relatively lesser-known candidates such as Steve Bullock and Julian Castro received – $3,490 and $3,857, respectively.

Relatively unknown names have received more from Facebook employees than Donald Trump. | Source: OpenSecrets.org

Contrasted with leading Democratic presidential candidates, Trump has performed dismally. The social media giant’s insiders, for instance, donated $51,158 to Pete Buttigieg. This was more than 17 times what they gave Trump.

Kamala Harris came in second as Facebook insiders’ next favorite candidate based on donations. The presidential candidate who represents the social media giant’s home state in the Senate received $34,396 as of mid-October.

Facebook insiders don’t mind Elizabeth Warren’s plans for Big Tech?

Despite proposing to break up big technology companies, Facebook insiders still donated generously to Elizabeth Warren, relatively speaking. As of mid-October, she had received $28,880. This was a little over half of what the largest…

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