EzyStayz Joins Forces with DexOne to Launch New Tokens on Korean Exchange Foblgate

Place/Date: Sydney, Australia – April 21st, 2020 at 5:00 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Sofia Sorberg,

EzyStayz has 1 million listings in 205 countries around the globe, which include a whopping 80,000+ destinations worldwide and 1982+ hotel chains & boutique resorts. EzyStayz has enhanced its travel experience by introducing gaming elements to its product, offering a different marketing approach to customers, allowing them to play and win their accommodation booking for free.

Listing on Foblgate

The decision to launch on Foblgate was based on several factors. Foblgate is one of the largest exchanges in South Korea, a country that is responsible for approximately 35% of all global crypto trading. The site is easy for traders to use and provides a simple way to deposit Korean WON in exchange for one of the 19 different cryptocurrencies that are currently supported on the site. Not only that, but Foblgate has built a reputation as one of the leading exchanges in terms of safety and security for its users, making it the perfect platform for EzyStayz to launch their token on. Foblgate is soon to announce a partnership with Binance, so it is a great fit for EzyStayz first exchange to list on.

This launch is being supported by DexOne, a crypto marketing team that prominent in the Korean trading world, and has built a successful portfolio managing clients within this space. Their local knowledge of the trading habits and trends of the Korean crypto market has helped to shape this launch, increasing the chances of success with this token.

EzyStayz token currently has a market capitalisation of USD 28,000,000 – It is estimated that by 2022 the crypto-economy will be equal to 10% of world GDP2, & with Bitcoin rebounding from its March USD 4500 low to currently USD 7500 there is no better time to launch on an exchange.

Industry Support

There have been some exciting supporters in the project and recent discussions with TRON’s Founder & CEO Justin Sun who sees the…

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