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EVOOCertified Origins Italia hopes to transform consumer confidence in the source of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) by using Oracle Blockchain in its supply chain. EVOO is one of a number of high value food products susceptible to consumer loss of confidence (another is wine – as My Story describes).  One difference, however, between wine and EVOO is that accusations of fraud in the olive oil industry (selling inauthentic, cheap or adulterated olive oil as EVOO) are rife: Tom’s Mueller’s wonderfully named ‘Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil‘ describes what can happen.

We believe that buyers and growers deserve a world in which authenticity and quality are not only valued but verified. Managing traceability with blockchain technology is the logical progression of the whole traceability process for our Bellucci Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We are using Oracle Blockchain to track shipments of our EVOO from our bottling facility in Italy to the port of arrival in the US. Oracle Blockchain Platform easily integrates with our partners’ systems, and we can create smart contracts between supply and distribution actors, thus reducing operational costs.” Andrea Biagianti, Chief Information Officer, Certified Origins Italia Srl

Andrea Biagianti
Andrea Biagianti

Certified Origins Italia

Certified Origins Italia (COI) was born from a desire to protect the production and export of high-quality extra virgin Italian olive oil with the best possible certification, both at the level of individual raw materials and their processing. Over the years, COI has acquired much experience in managing the traceability of its products, including an app with which a buyer can trace each bottle of extra virgin olive oil produced back to its origin.

To satisfy  increasing consumer demands, that high-quality food products possess some form of demonstrable certification, COI is now using the Oracle Blockchain Platform to track and trace its members’ EVOO:

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