Ex-Coinbase Exec Compliments Ethereum – Spotlight

Ethereum 2.0 or Ethereum Serenity might roll-out in January 2020While it is not being taken up positively by many experts, Linda Xie, Ex-Coinbase product manager, holds a contending opinion.

In her recent tweet, she praised the progress Ethereum 2.0 has made. And is supportive of the features like proof-of-stake consensus and database sharding. Additionally, she believes Ethereum scaling is not a matter of concern. According to her, projects like Optimistic and ZK Rollups will scale Ethereum so that it can keep up with the growing demand.

ETH 2.0 Begins with Phase 2

Last week, Will Villanueva, the founding researcher at Quilt Past, released an R&D report on Ethereum 2.0. According to it, Phase 2 has begun and has a very stable direction now.

Since April this year, Vitalik released a number of potential proposals for Phase 2. this move, in turn, triggered quite a lot of negative sentiments against Ethereum in the crypto sphere. For instance, Calvin Ayre, founder CoinGeek and BitcoinSV made a harsh statement on Twitter, accusing Buterin of ignorance.

Vitalik’s technology opinion is questioned

However, Ayre isn’t the only one to attack Buterin. A long bashing came from BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen who stated that Vitalik’s opinion about cryptocurrencies is wrong-headed. According to Vitalik, sharding is the only option to scale the blockchain. But Bram does not support this opinion.

Sharding is no good

As per Bram, the kind of sharding Ethereum is proposing will not spread the load and would weaken the security. He says it would only mean each full-node…

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