Evil Bitcoin Scam Dupes Victims With FAKE Cristiano Ronaldo Pitch

By CCN: Five-time Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo is the latest celebrity whose likeness has played an unfortunate role in promoting a string of evil bitcoin scams.

According to British tabloid Daily Mirror, cryptocurrency scammers are faking the football star’s endorsement as well that of veteran broadcaster Jonathan Ross to shill fraudulent crypto investment schemes. The fabricated endorsements have infected social media platforms across the web.

How This Bitcoin Scam Lures Cristiano Ronaldo Fans

This bitcoin scam is trading on FAKE endorsements from Bill Gates, Cristiano Ronaldo, and other celebrities. | Source: BitcoinTrader Scam Website

One of the social media posts shows a photo of Ronaldo alongside Ross accompanied by the following caption:

“This is why all his fans will always love him unconditionally… He Opens The Gates To Wealth To All His Fans In The UK.”

The post contains the web address of an alleged lifestyle publication. Clicking on it directs one to a compromised website, BitcoinTrader, which contains the fabricated investment pitch [screenshot].

To raise credibility, the layout and color scheme of the website containing the investment pitch resembles that of the Daily Mirror.

Bitcoin Fraudsters Capitalize on Retail FOMO

cristiano ronaldo

The fraudulent investment pitch alleges that Ronaldo’s goal is to create new millionaires by investing in crypto. | Source: Shutterstock

Among other things, the investment pitch states that Ronaldo’s goal is to create new millionaires by investing in crypto. In a classic scammer move, the pitch contains a fake Ronaldo quote advising those interested to act fast. This, the post argues, is because the opportunities are limited:

“It is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and no one knows (sic) will something like this come around again in future. But you have to act fast. This will create new millionaires, but spots for applying are limited.”

The pitch, which is written like a feature story, goes on to say that Ronaldo…

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