EtherWorldCup, The New Way for Match Betting

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It’s that time again, once every four years the world’s greatest sports event is held. It’s the start of the World Cup! And for the first time ever you can bet on your favourite teams and matches, completely with Ether!

EtherWorldCup was launched as a blockchain based solution to combat the problems faced by betters in the sports industry world wide. Having to reveal too much sensitive data, high betting fees, having to trust intermediaries with money, not being able to see internal company process, and the bureaucracy of collecting winnings. EWC tackled all these challenges with their unique approach on sports betting, but probably the most redeeming quality of this project is that it’s doesn’t have an ICO or Token!

In a world where we’ve been hearing about ICOs day in and day out for months we can finally see another project that doesn’t want to introduce a new token. And why would they, as the creator of EWC explains in his Medium post, “ I believe ICOs should only be held if there’s any value for the community in creating a new Token”. EWC stayed true to its vision of being a holistic betting alternative by getting straight to the point and doing this as a straight ETH only DAPP.

While not audited due to the high fees being charged by Auditors (most legitimate smart contract auditing firms worth their salt charge at least 10 – 20k, some even high as 100k), the creator of EWC ensures in his recent post that he’s taken into consideration Solidity best security practices to avoid any possible vulnerabilities through which funds may be stolen.

EtherWorldCup solves so many problems for the betting community for this upcoming summer season of epicness, with EWC you can bet safely knowing that you’ll never have to disclose any of your information to EWC, all that’s required is for you to install Metamask and bet (For more information read our getting started guide on medium).

EWC’s solidity smart contract ensures low fees, fees that can never exceed 7%, but they can be zero! Fees will never be charged unless you’re cancelling a bet or unless you’re claiming winnings, so you can bet knowing that even if you lose you’ll never spend a dime in fees. The smart contract also makes the winner selection process completely transparent as it uses Oraclize and two independent sports live score APIs to determine a winner ( and Sportmonks).

Lastly, EtherWorldCup has made its website interface remarkably simple, something that is an afterthought for many crypto projects in today’s landscape. You don’t need to know anything technical or any of the Ins and Outs of the blockchain to use the Website. Whether it’s placing a bet, cancelling a bet, or claiming winnings, it’s a simple click of a button, and no one can stop you because it’s all powered by the blockchain.

Either way, it’s clear that EtherWorldCup is only one of the first true sports betting platforms on the blockchain and I’m sure we’ll see more to come, but for those who love the game, and would bet their cash on their favourite teams this World Cup season ….. Why not bet Ether ?!

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