EtherPayToken ICO (EPT Token) Review: Easy Ethereum Crypto Payments?

What Is EtherPayToken?

Etherpaytoken is a utility token that seeks to revolutionize the payment solutions in the cryptocurrency market. The token provides customers and retailers with a new opportunity to increase their sales.

The EtherPayToken is abbreviated as EPT. The EPT is token ERC-20 based, which means that it runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The applications of the blockchain technology that it integrates are applicable in numerous areas such as financial and loan services, trade, medicine, identification, exchanges, Internet of Things (IoT), and many more.

There are currently 100,000,000,000 tokens on offer, which are already listed on major exchanges. In the first stage of the token’s road map, the concept of the token will be launched and marketing of the token will be undertaken. There will also be a presale of the token.

The EtherPayToken Platform

The token sale is automated, which enables investors to receive the token in their wallets safely and within seconds after the transaction is confirmed. Investors can choose a Mew or Metamask wallet in which they would like to transact. Transactions include buying or selling of coins, transfer, exchanges or payment.

During the third stage of the roadmap, the platform will launch its Android and Mac applications in order to improve the accessibility of the platform. It is also anticipating to enter into high volume exchanges in the future that will increase the total value of the tokens.

During the final stage of the token, the concept for the development of the EtherPayToken E-shop will be introduced. It will also come up with its payment platform. It is also aims at entering into global partnership programs in the future.

EtherPayToken Easy Ethereum Crypto Payments Benefits

The platform adopts the use of smart contracts, which will allows connection of various Internet of Things (IoT) devices into one single network. For example, smart cities, smart homes, smart cars or even smart businesses. This will result in efficient management.

The token is beneficial in the tourism industry especially to owners of hostels, hotels, and resort areas. Through the smart contract, businesses will no longer have to rely on intermediaries, which will result in savings on the cost of selling tours.

The process of tracking shipments in an organization may be difficult sometimes. Through the token’s network, simple and effective tools will help in tracking of shipments for the time it departs to the time it arrives at its final destination. Besides, the token utilizes the decentralized Ethereum blockchain, which ensures that information and transactions are secure from interference of third parties such as hackers.

Finally, the process of acquiring the tokens is automated, which results in it being fast as tokens are received immediately the transaction is confirmed. The process is also secure through the automation and this eliminates interferences by people during the purchase and the transfers.

EtherPayToken EPT Token ICO Details

The second stage of the roadmap is the token pre-ICO sale and the ICO sale. During the Initial Coin Offering, the price per token will be 1 eth for 1,000,000 tokens. The Minimum number of tokens that an investor can purchase is 10,000. Bonuses are also available for each token purchase ranging from 10% to 50%. Apart from the bonus, individuals who purchase at token will receive a surprise token after the sale of the token is confirmed.